Major flaw with Apex Legends on Switch needs to be improved

Connor Bennett
Apex Legends trio with Octane pointing at his head

Anyone who drops into a game of Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch may a pretty hefty flaw in crossplay games, as the Switch version tanks when approaching enemy players.

Ever since Apex Legends first launched on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, Respawn Entertainment talked about wanting to get the battle royale on a wider variety of platforms.

That includes teasers about a mobile version – similarly to Fortnite – as well as a Nintendo Switch version, which finally launched back on March 9.

The initial impressions of the Switch version have been mixed, with plenty of complaints being made about the resolution and frame rate as this gives Switch players a pretty major disadvantage, especially in crossplay games with Xbox, PC, and PlayStation players.

Apex Legends gameplay on Nintendo Switch
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends is finally on Switch, but it does have some issues.

FPS drops warn of nearby enemies

As DigitialFoundry pointed out in their recent test of the Switch version, Respawn have kept as much as they possibly can the same, but textures obviously take a backseat to keep performance up. However, that performance tanks to close to 20 FPS at times, especially in combat – but it gets choppy just before an enemy is about to appear as well.

“The main problem is that frame rate problems intrude during confrontations with other players, exactly where performance should be at its best,” the tech YouTubers said during their test where they had a crossplay lobby going between the ‘docked’ Switch version and Xbox Series X.

“On top of that, there’s the sense the frame rate may start to buckle simply by being in proximity to other players, an unlikely early warning system of sorts.” This means that you’ll know if there are enemies nearby if your FPS suddenly starts to drop.

Timestamp of 14:10

DigitalFoundry also note that these problems are so severe that Switch players should at the very least turn off cross-play. This is an easy thing to do and a step-by-step guide can be found here.

By switching off the cross-play feature, everyone is on a level playing field as you’ll only be matched up with fellow Switch players, however, wait times might increase if others keep cross-play switched on.