How to master the G7 Scout in Apex Legends: Tips, damage stats & DPS

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G7 Scout
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Apex Legends’ G7 Scout has been thrown into Care Packages for the first time in Season 11. With it though, the once-Light Marksman Rifle has gotten a huge upgrade. Here’s how you can get the most out of it with the best tips and tricks. 

The G7 Scout has always been a reliable semi-automatic battle rifle, giving players plenty of opportunities to secure those all-important ranged kills.

While it may lack the potency of the Longbow, it does have a more forgiving playstyle. This makes it perfect for those that like the precision of the game’s sniper rifles, but wish to pepper their foes with quick-fire rounds. 

For the first time in Apex history, the G7 Scout has been pushed into Care Packages in Season 11 — a big change for those used to rocking the ever-popular Marksman Rifle since launch.

However, it’s worth the upgrade, with the return of Double Tap Trigger, and a handy damage buff making it well worth the pick up. We’ve got the ultimate guide to mastering the G7 Scout when you do find it, including tips, tricks, and the stats that make the gun exceptional.

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Apex Legends G7 Scout damage stats

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The G7 Scout is one of Apex Legends’ best all-round guns.

The G7 Scout has largely remained the same since its launch. Compared to other Marksman Rifles, it fires at a fair click of 240 RPM.

The fast rate of fire does come with its drawbacks — it can be a bit hard to control if you are really going hard on the burst fire — however it can dish out a lot of damage very quickly, especially when compared to the Triple Take or 30-30 Repeater.

No matter if it’s at range or up close, the G7 Scout is a solid option for all-round DPS. It received a nice headshot damage buff in a hotfix, too.

The full damage breakdown for the G7 Scout can be found below.

Body Part Damage
Head 68 (2x)
Body 34
Legs 26 (0.75x)

G7 Scout attachments

Now that it’s been shifted into Care Packages, there’s not a wide array of attachment options for the G7 Scout. Not that it really matters though, since it’s kitted out with top of the line gear the moment you pick it up.

The G7 Scout comes with a Purple Barrel Stabilizer, Purple Sniper Stock, and Gold Magazine. It also has 140 rounds of ammo — enough to lay down suppressing fire for a few fights.

It also comes with a choice of sights — with the default being the widely-popular 2x-4x Variable AOG because of its power up close and afar. You can’t go wrong with almost any sight on the G7 Scout though.

Here are the optics that can be equipped to the G7 Scout:

  • 1x Holo
  • 1x HCOG “Classic”
  • 2x HCOG “Bruiser”
  • 1x-2x Variable Holo
  • 3x HCOG “Ranger”
  • 2x-4x Variable AOG
G7 Scout
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Long-range shots aren’t off the table with the G7 Scout, but they can be tricky to hit if you don’t practice.

Lead your shots

If you plan to use the G7 Scout for long-range shooting or simply don’t have another option available, then you’ll need to get into the habit of leading your shots.

One of the G7 Scout’s biggest flaws is its range drop-off. Unlike the Apex Legends’ Heavy or Sniper rifles, it tends to struggle during any firefights that require a little more range.

To help compensate for this, simply fire your shots to the side of a moving target. You may also need to adjust the height of your shots, so simply place the G7 Scout’s sights just above the target’s head.

It can take a number of shots before you find the sweet spot, but this method will keep your bullets on target. 

Carry a close-range weapon

Ash using C.A.R. SMG in Apex Legends
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Pair the G7 Scout with a SMG that excels at close range.

Due to the G7 Scout’s rate of fire, it’s imperative that you take an SMG for those close-quarter brawls. There will be times where you will be forced to contest enemy-controlled positions, so you’ll need to rely on a gun that can get the job done.

While the G7 Scout’s hipfire may be accurate — and dish out a ton of hurt with each shot — you’ll get outmatched by any players running full-auto guns. 

As a result, it’s best to equip a fast-firing SMG like the Prowler, R-99, or the all-new C.A.R. SMG. Not only will these guns help save you from any frustrating deaths, but they’ll also give you great kill potential during late-game circles. 

There you have it, everything you need to know about the G7 Scout. If you follow these G7 Scout tips & tricks, you’ll be able to secure more wins in Season 11.

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