Apex Legends: How to use Crypto's Drone as a UAV with clever trick

Connor Bennett

An Apex Legends player has uncovered a useful tip that could help Crypto players become the ultimate support, as the Drone can pinpoint enemies from a stationary position.

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After weeks of waiting, Apex Legends players finally got their hands on Season 3: Meltdown on October 1, as the battle royale title switched to a brand new map, introduced new weapons, and a long-awaited legend in Crypto.

The hacking legend, who was hinted at in leaks from Season 2, has immediately become a regular sight in matches as players try their hand at the useful drone and being able to disrupt others with the EMP. As the legend is still relatively unknown, players are finding new uses for him as time goes on – including different ways to operate the drone.

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Respawn Entertainment
After months of leaks, Crypto finally joined the fight in Apex Legends Season 3.

In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, player akkenatorrr showcased a video from their recent game where they played as the new character, and devised an ingenious use for the drone.

With the ring closing in, and akkenatorrr already having the drop on their opponent with a small chokepoint, they placed Crypto’s drone high in a corner where they left it hovering – instead of maintaining control as many players do – just as opponents flooded onto their position.

As the enemies were still in full-range of the drone, Crypto and his teammates were able to keep them pinpointed on the map and in their view, as they were highlighted orange and stood out from the background.

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While the bright green light that Crypto’s Drone gives off can very well highlight its position, placing it in a corner that not many will check – especially given the frantic nature of the final few circles – is a clever play.

Seeing as many Crypto players continue to use the drone while it is in the air, being able to settle it down, relieve control, and also join the fight will give you a leg up against those who fight as a 2v3.

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However, seeing as its range, at the moment, is pretty far, it’s possible that the character could be nerfed in the future, perhaps impacting his effectiveness as a support legend. 

It remains to be seen if fans clamor for changes and if Respawn drops a balancing patch, but for now, you can use it to your advantage to get a leg up on the competition.