How to turn Crypto’s drone into a helicopter in Apex Legends

. 2 years ago

Crypto’s drone can do so much more than survey an area, as this savvy Apex Legends player found out with their Pathfinder teammate.

It’s safe to say that while Crypto’s introduction in the Apex universe was a big hit with fans, his abilities are somewhat underwhelming.

His slow-paced, methodical approach is especially difficult to utilize in World’s Edge — where players are ransacking buildings for loot and attempting to avoid the perils of being caught in the Containment Ring.

Crypto in Apex Legends.
Crypto’s drone isolates him from the rest of the action in the Apex Games arena.

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However, one shrewd Crypto user has found a hidden ability of the drone which will likely make the Surveillance Expert much more appealing to the masses.

Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, the player highlights just how Crypto’s drone can be used like a helicopter when Pathfinder latches onto it with their Grappling Hook.

Not only does this seem like a barrel of fun for the Pathfinder player, it provides a quick way of rescuing the MRVN from a sticky situation.

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Essentially, all the MRVN has to do is attach their grapple onto the drone and swing around the flight path of the drone (like a pendulum).

After gaining some momentum, the Pathfinder can let go of their grapple and propel themselves some distance away from their starting point — ideal for quick rotations or to catch-up with teammates.

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Since Crypto’s drone has seemingly received a massive HP buff after the big Season 4 update, players will find it especially hard to shoot the drone out of the sky and proverbially rain on your parade.

Of course, this would be difficult to deploy when multiple squads are nearby or in an endgame scenario. However, should the situation call for it, squads running both Crypto and Pathfinder have a quick means of escape.

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