Hidden Apex Legends mechanic makes Fuse’s Ultimate a lot more accurate

. 1 year ago
Fuse hidden ultimate mechanic
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have discovered a feature that didn’t get much fanfare at all when the newest legend Fuse was first released, but it makes his ultimate way more accurate.

The explosive-happy Australian is the 16th Legend to join the ranks of Apex, and his ultimate ability “The Motherlode” launches a flurry of projectiles that produce a circle of flame around a certain target.

It’s proven to be a powerful and frustrating ability to deal with already — just ask any player who’s been on the receiving end of one — but most players don’t seem to be aware there is a way to be even more accurate when using Fuse’s ult.

Respawn Entertainment
Fuse’s ultimate can literally change the battlefield in a flash.

Normally you aim the Motherlode in the usual way, like you would Gibraltar or Bangalore’s ultimates: with an indicator showing where the ability will land and where the area of effect will be.

Fuse’s ultimate has a pretty long range though, which can make it tough to see exactly what you’re aiming at if the target is too far away unless you use a “hidden” mechanic that most player’s don’t seem to be aware of that allows you to zoom the ability in.

It’s literally as simple as just aiming down the sights when you have The Motherlode launcher using the same buttons you would to aim down the rails on any other gun, and you instantly get a zoom that’s just as good (or better) as any optical zoom scope.

Not only does it allow you to pinpoint the area of the map you want to bathe in fire, but it also comes in handy as a fantastic scouting tool that lets you peek ahead and potentially see any ambushes lying in wait.

You might feel a little silly for not knowing about this mechanic before now, but that’s alright, because Respawn didn’t really put any hints in-game for us.

Once you realize how easy and straight-up useful this little-known mechanic really is, though, you can start making other players feel like fools for thinking they could take your Fuse skills on in a fight.

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