Frustrating Apex Legends gunfight shows how bad internet can help players

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

Experienced Apex Legends players use every tool at their disposal to get the upper hand against their opponents, but sometimes getting countered with bad internet can be extremely effective.

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Respawn Entertainment introduced Apex Legends to players on February 4. Since then fans have been loving the fast-paced fights, the effect that different Legends have on a battle, and a lot more.

There are various elements to consider when trying to win out in a gunfight, but when coming face-to-face with a player who is massively lagging, some players are left defenseless to stuttering character models.

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Lagging Apex Legends players need a nerf

In a Reddit post, user ‘OwenOnReddit’ demonstrated a huge flaw in the game that essentially “punished” them for having a steady connection to the Apex Legends servers.

“Good ping, 0 packet loss on my end,” the user wrote. “Why am I being punished for my enemies playing on toaster WiFi?”

Playing as an Octane in the long corridors of Bunker, the user can be seen retreating to heal up after taking a huge shot. Moments later, an opposing Octane barged into the room looking to finish off the player.

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Respawn Entertainment
Terrible lag could actually give some players a better chance to win in fights.

Standing behind the doorway, the foe seemed to have overlooked the hiding player. As OwenOnReddit was lining up a clean shot with the Peacekeeper, the opponent instantly transports away from the crosshairs.

The bizarre moment shows the lagging player completely untouched from what should have been a point-blank shot. Then they were able to catch OwenOnReddit completely off-guard, leading to a frustrating elimination.

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Other players who watched the clip were equally tilted from the moment. Apex Legends doesn’t have the best netcode, and its caused a lot of problems for its players.

But the video convinced a lot of people that there needs to be a worthwhile fix implemented to stop the problem.

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“I wish more devs would implement high ping kicks in their games instead of thinking these players should be allowed to ruin the experience for everyone else,” one user wrote.

These unfortunate moments have been seen in the past, which is leaving some players holding their breaths for a problem to the solution.