Former Apex Legends star Dizzy explains why he quit the battle royale

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Apex Legends gameplay with Dizzy
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Coby ‘Dizzy’ Meadows was once a top the Apex Legends competitive scene, but now, he has opened up on what drove him to quit the game and take a lengthy hiatus.

If you tuned into the Apex Legends scene on its rise in the battle royale genre, there’s every chance you’ve seen a clip or two from Dizzy. He quickly became one of the most-followed personalities in the community due his extraordinary movement and sharp aim.

However, his run at the top of the title quickly came to an abrupt halt in December 2019. With a newfound focus on streaming over pro play, this career shift soon saw the 20-year old step away from the internet altogether.

After months of radio silence, dizzy is now back to streaming on a more casual basis, though Apex Legends isn’t his main title anymore.

In his first time playing the game on stream for Lulu’s Throwdown event, dizzy explained what drove him to quit the title.

Why Dizzy quit Apex Legends

Dizzy playing Apex Legends
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Dizzy quickly become one of the hottest pros in Apex Legends

When asked why he stepped away from Apex Legends, dizzy had a simple answer for his viewers on Twitch: “I just stopped enjoying it.”

“Sitting in a queue, landing, looting, you get sh*t loot, bad RNG, you die, you’re back in the queue waiting again. It’s very repetitive,” he outlined. 

“I feel like it’s easy to burnout on,” he said. “Especially if you’re streaming 8+ hours a day.”

Dizzy still rates Apex Legends as the “best BR”

This process remains similar throughout the entire battle royale genre. Therefore, Dizzy made it clear that’s where his issues lied, not with anything specific in Apex Legends.

“This game’s not bad, this game’s good. It’s definitely one of the best, if not the best BR game to play, but it’s just exhausting.”

While he’s back playing it on stream for this one-off event, there’s no telling if it might reignite his passion for Apex.

Dizzy has primarily been playing Valorant since his return, though fans were overjoyed to see him make the jump back over to the BR, even if it was brief.

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