Apex Legends pro shares 30 tips for improving in Ranked play

Julian Young
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As a professional Apex Legends player, Peter ‘Pettyboss’ Archer is quite familiar with competing at the BR’s highest skill level, and has put together a video outlining 30 tips to help you improve your performance in Respawn’s Ranked playlist.

For many players, the best part of Apex Legends is climbing the game’s ranked ladder. Apex content creators dedicate insane amounts of time to grind the game’s Ranked mode each season and compete for the coveted spot of top Apex Predator.

An ALGS competitor and frequent presence in the BR’s ranked mode, Peter ‘Pettyboss’ Archer is used to competing at the top of his game.

In a video shared to his YouTube channel, Pettyboss outlines 30 different things players can do to improve their gameplay in Ranked, covering topics like which Legends players should use, helpful things to practice, and much more.

Some of the most important tips revolve around which Legends to play: you should be comfortable using multiple characters, and should only pick Legends that are part of the current meta.

“If you main one character, and only know how to play that character, [and] they get nerfed then you’re kinda screwed,” he warns.

Other helpful tips involve your landing spot for each match. You and your teammates should practice landing at a POI that is uncontested by other teams, or land at the same spot each game no matter what (so you can get used to fighting other teams if they land there with you).

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Season 8 introduced Fuse, the 30-30 Repeater, changed King’s Canyon and started up a new Ranked Series.

Another thing Pettyboss stresses is that you should always use your pings and voice comms (if applicable) to coordinate with your teammates. He emphasizes effectively communicating damage output and using actual number values instead of just saying “he’s cracked” or “he’s one-shot.”

Tying back in with the point about practicing different Legends, you should also be comfortable using various guns, with and without attachments. You won’t always have a fully-kitted weapon, especially if you’re fighting a team right after dropping, and that practice can help you survive in those frantic early fights.

Something else players should be aware of (and use to their advantage) is the information they can gather from the game’s kill-feed. Keeping track of other team fights and noticing when an enemy has been downed can help you decide whether to try and third-party an engagement or just play it safe.

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With dozens of different Legends and weapons in the game, there’s plenty of things players can practice to improve their Ranked performance.

A super helpful tip, especially during the game’s final rings, is grabbing empty armor from enemy death boxes and using your cells and batteries to heal it. If you’re defending an endgame position, having extra pieces of armor to swap out can literally mean the difference between winning or losing the game.

Some of Pettyboss’s other tips involve the use of gold-tier items. Swapping out gold armor to share its healing ability can help conserve your supplies while switching out the gold helmet to maximize a teammate’s ability to recharge can give you an advantage over your opponents.

Archer’s video also includes other more niche tips revolving around certain Legends and playstyles, so check that out for more info. And if you need some extra help with upping your game in general and not just ranked, try these neat tips to help you improve your overall skill.