Apex Legends pro dizzy shows off insane movement exploit

. 3 years ago
Respawn Entertainment

Widely regarded as one of the very best Apex Legends players in the world, Coby ‘dizzy‘ Meadows has uncovered a ridiculous new movement exploit that makes you nearly unkillable in the new Season 2 building.

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Dizzy rose to Twitch stardom shortly after the launch of Apex Legends, after he broke the world record for most kills in a single match.

His incredible aim is the main reason for his skill, but his game knowledge and movement cannot be understated, as evidenced by this new zipline trick.

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Respawn Entertainment
The new building was added for Season 2, and features lots of ziplines.

Players quickly realized that jumping on and off a zipline quickly would give a big boost of momentum, so when dizzy saw two ziplines opposite each other in the new construction building added in Season 2, he immediately devised a sneaky manoeuvre.

By bouncing between the two ziplines, dizzy was able to move at such a speed that the enemy awaiting him at the top could hardly land a bullet on him.

Meanwhile, dizzy was able to easily mow down his opponent, while using the zipline exploit to dodge out of the way of fire when needed.

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The trick might take some lesser experienced players time and effort to master, but can easily be replicated in this spot.

Since the zipline movement exploit was first discovered with a single zipline in June, and Respawn haven’t made any changes since, it appears that there are no plans to implement a nerf.

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Dizzy is currently representing NRG, and will no doubt be gearing up for the $500,000 Apex Legends invitational, now under a month away on September 13.

Even if professional Apex Legends doesn’t pan out however, dizzy has now built up a large following as a streamer, with fans consistently impressed with his skills.

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