Apex Legends: How to win with Crypto

. 3 years ago

Apex Legends Season Three is well underway but is there really an ideal way to use Crypto if you want to become an Apex Champion? Well, yes, and we’ve got the answers you need! 

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After weeks of waiting, and months of leaks, Crypto was finally released into Apex Legends with the start of Season Three: Meltdown as the game shifted from Kings Canyon to World’s Edge. 

The hacking legend has already become a regular shift in matches, as players use his Drone and that dreaded EMP to cause havoc around the map and scoop up wins – but, how is he best used? Well, we’ve got some helpful hints and tricks that will lead you to the promised land of Apex Champions in no time.

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Respawn Entertainment
The hacking legend is easy enough to use – but will pay off in a big way if you can master it.

Don’t hold back with Crypto

When it comes to battle royales, you can basically play in one of two ways – aggressive or passive. You can hot drop, claim some loot, and score some early kills or take your time, let everyone else do the hard work, and try to scoop up the remains.

While Crypto may seem like a great passive character, he is best used in an aggressive manner. Throw up that drone, scout out enemies, and find ways to infiltrate their defenses. Use the EMP to stop them running away. Yes, he may not be as good a flanker as Wraith, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in behind too when the chance presents itself.

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Always be on the front foot with Crypto.
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Keep the communication levels high

Communication is key with Crypto and, again, it stems back to that Drone of his. Once it’s in the sky, make sure to communicate as best as you can with your teammates.

Ideally, this comes in the form of having a mic in-game, but that can be a bit of a rarity these days. Whether you leave the drone up in a stationary form like it’s a UAV, or if you pilot it continually, just make sure you and your partners are communicating in some fashion.

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Time abilities with teammates

It should go without saying, but make sure to combine Crypto’s abilities with the rest of your team’s in order to grab maximum effect. 

A well-timed EMP can set up location-based ultimates like Caustic’s Gas or Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder to have a major impact, so again, keep the communications going and pick your spots. Just diving into an ultimate will usually backfire and gave the enemy the upper hand.

Respawn Entertainment
Crypto’s EMP works best in tandem with other ultimates.
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As Season Three unfolds further, and Respawn drops some changes, there will no doubt be other factors to consider when using Crypto to try and score wins.

For now, though, the tips listed here are the best ways to put him to work, so follow along if you want to become an Apex Champion.

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