Apex Legends devs still planning more Horizon nerfs after Chaos Theory changes

. 1 year ago
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Horizon was hit with a nerf to her ultimate in the Apex Legends Chaos Theory update. However, Respawn aren’t satisfied. The devs are planning more nerfs to the Gravitational Manipulator, targeting her Gravity Lift.

Horizon was one of numerous Legends hit with a pretty hefty set of changes in the Apex Legends Chaos Theory update.

The Gravitational Manipulator now has a longer cooldown on her Black Hole ultimate, up from two minutes to three. However, the community was disappointed Respawn didn’t nerf her tactical ability, Gravity Lift, which many believe is the reason why Horizon is top-tier.

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Respawn Entertainment
Horizon is topping the Apex Legends meta in Season 8, but Respawn are looking to bring her back in line.

The devs haven’t forgotten about it though. In fact, they’re still planning more nerfs to Horizon and her Gravity Lift specifically to bring her back into line.

The reason why they didn’t in the latest update was because they didn’t have enough time.

“We just didn’t have the time to do what we need to do to her tactical,” developer Daniel Klein explained on Reddit.

“[In my opinion] the problem is you can jump in, take a full bat, and strafe while doing so making you almost impossible to punish. That’ll change, but the proper way to do that takes a little time.”

The devs also admitted that Horizon’s ultimate isn’t the big reason behind the Legend’s success. However, the ultimate change was easy enough to ship for this patch.


“Her ult is definitely not the bigger problem. That was just the change that was ready for 8.1. Her tactical is absolutely the bigger problem, but the nerf for that wasn’t ready in time for this patch,” Klein added.

It means, just like Gibraltar and his arm shield, that more changes should be expected for Horizon in Season 9. What exactly will be hit ⁠— duration of lift, cooldown, or otherwise ⁠— is yet to be determined, but it’ll knock her down a peg.

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