Apex Legends fans pitch “Level 500 shop” for prestige cosmetics

. 1 year ago
Apex Legends Wraith Voidwalker Skin Octane Heirloom With Logo Shadow 2
Respawn Entertainment

A huge appeal for many Apex Legends players is unlocking the coolest skins for their Legends and weapons. A clever idea shared on the game’s subreddit would implement a system allowing max-level players to take their fashion game to the next level.

A key part of the Apex Legends experience is the ability for players to express themselves through customization. Unlocking and equipping the coolest in-game items has become a core component of the battle royale gameplay loop, and Apex is no different.

Respawn Entertainment have certainly dipped into this philosophy, providing players with new gun charms, characters skins and other cosmetics to acquire in each of the game’s special events and seasonal battle passes.

While there is already a large pool of items available, some fans want Respawn to provide even more customization options. A post on the Apex Legends subreddit has proposed the idea of adding a shop for level-500 players with exclusive items that can only be unlocked after hitting the max level.

Black Ops Cold War Prestige Shop
Activision / Treyarch
Apex Legends players are asking for extra customization options at higher levels, similar to Black Ops Cold War’s prestige shop.

In the post, user ‘u/MC501stclone’ suggested an idea for a “Level 500 shop” that would contain exclusive skins & item re-colors. In addition to these re-skinned items, the user also mentioned Heirloom re-colors, an idea that so far has yet to appear in Apex Legends at all.

The poster also confirmed that the shop’s items would require Legend tokens to unlock – and a hefty amount of them by the looks of the image they created. Included in the mock-up of this system is a re-skinned Wraith Kunai Heirloom, available for the small price of 500,000 tokens.

While this may sound like an unreasonable amount required to unlock these cosmetics, right now the tokens are only used to access a new Legend each season. Each new character only requires 12,000 tokens to unlock, so the majority of players have plenty to spare.

MC501stclone’s idea has been well-received by the community, with the post gathering nearly 5k upvotes at the time of writing. Fans expressed their support in the comments as well, with one user pointing out that the idea could also benefit Respawn by potentially increasing player retention (and disincentivizing smurfs).

The system designed by MC501stclone is similar to ones that already exist in other games. In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, players can earn Prestige Keys by leveling up beyond the base level-cap of 55, and these keys allow them to unlock special calling cards and emblems that other players cannot access.

While Respawn have not responded to the post at the time of writing, the developer is constantly looking for feedback and ideas from players on how they can improve the Apex Legends experience. It’s certainly possible that they could incorporate a system like this at some point in the future.

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