Apex Legends Explosive Hold locations on Kings Canyon map

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Apex legends season 8 explosive holds
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Explosive Holds were added to Apex Legends in Season 8, offering players the chance to pick up some weapons, Hop-Ups, ammo, and more to give them a better chance on Kings Canyon.

If you’ve played Season 8 at all you’ve likely run into them here and there, and they’re always handy to crack open if you’ve got a grenade in your backpack.

However, what can be tough is locating them when you drop somewhere new or when you’re traversing the map.

So, we’ve put together a handy map of all Explosive Hold locations on Kings Canyon, which should definitely help you and your squad make more informed decisions about what to do.

explosive hold apex legends
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Explosive Holds are easy to open and could greatly enhance your chances of a win.

All Explosive Hold location on Kings Canyon

If you’re looking to plan out your rotations or drops a little better in Apex Legends, knowing where these Explosive Holds are could be extremely beneficial.

We’ve put together a handy guide on how to access Explosive Holds, but if you’re already well-versed on how to get into them and what you can get, you can check out our location guide below.

This is a map we’ve put together of every Hold we’ve found so far on Kings Canyon — but there may be even more for you to utilize. The red dots are where you will find Holds.

apex legends explosive hold locations dexerto
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All Explosive Hold locations in Kings Canyon.

As you can see, they’re fairly evenly spread out across the map. Areas such as the South side, around Market, Water Treatment, and Repulsor, seems a hotspot for Explosive Hold drops.

Similarly, you could land at the North side and take advantage of the Holds located around Crash Site and Spotted Lake.

As mentioned above, we’re still continuously updating this list and making sure it’s fully populated. Feel free to tweet us at @TitanfallBlog if you’ve found one that we haven’t included.

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