Apex Legends devs promise to fix infinite Heat Shield exploit

. 1 year ago
apex legends heat shield exploit fix
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have found an exploit to get infinite use out of the new Heat Shields, but Respawn are already locking down a fix for the next patch.

Respawn introduced the new survival item, complete with its own inventory slot, that protects players from the damaging effects when you’re outside of the circle.

An item like this has seen its fair share of requests in multiple battle royales, and Apex delivered in a big way that players are already enjoying.

Unfortunately, it came with a small kink: the Heat Shields can be maneuvered to be reused an infinite amount of times.

heat shield exploit apex legends
A huge exploit has been found with the Heat Shields, Respawn are coming in with a fix.

Multiple clips have been surfacing of how the exploit looks in-game. Needless to say, Respawn isn’t keen on leaving that kind of bug in the game, and are going to patch up the Heat Shield to prevent it from happening.

Apex Legends Game Director, Chad Grenier, gave a preview of what to expect in the next patch that should be released Monday, March 15.

Among them will be a fix to the Heat Shields since some players have already been seen using them well outside the ring in the early game to loot up or in the final circles to pick up easy wins.

While Respawn introduced the item to give people this kind of flexibility, the exploit has been providing unbalanced effects around the map.

“Had two games in Ranked tonight that had squads trying to do this,” one user said, encountering the exploit in his game. “Got down to Top 2 with only us in the ring and luckily both times a friend was running Crypto so he just popped them with his drone. Otherwise we would have been hella salty.”

Apex Legends has been working on a bunch of fixes for its game. One that’s been getting a ton of traction is the problem with Loba’s bracelet after the update – which has a simple fix that even boggled a developer’s mind.

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