Apex Legends dev confirms plans to add in-game leaderboards

. 1 year ago
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Respawn is always on the lookout for player feedback on how to improve the Apex Legends experience, and one of the developers has confirmed a highly requested feature is on their radar: in-game leaderboards.

One thing Respawn Entertainment has always prided themselves on is maintaining open dialogue with their fans. The developer has confirmed time and time again that they love engaging with Apex Legends players and taking in their feedback.

While Respawn can’t implement every single piece of feedback from their community, listening to suggestions from their players has been an important part of tweaking different features, like making Evo Shields permanent after their introduction during the System Override event.

One frequent request is in-game leaderboards, a feature the community has been asking for since the game’s release. As an update, Respawn has confirmed the highly requested feature is on a list of things they’d like to add.

Apex Legends Evo Shields
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn is constantly tweaking Apex Legends based on player feedback, like in the case of making Evo Shields a permanent feature.

Leaderboards coming to Apex

In an exchange on Twitter, the developer was asked about their plans to implement an in-game leaderboard system. “RP (ranked points) leaderboards would be very helpful for figuring out [Apex] Predator entry [level] each season,” a player noted in their question to the dev.

Respawn’s Chin Xiang Chong did confirm they have plans to implement leaderboards into the game at some point. “It’s on a list of things we’d like to do,” the developer stated, but also noted that in comparison to other features and requests, leaderboards are still fairly low on their checklist.

“It’s ultimately a question of priorities,” they explained, and went on to clarify that “compared to, say, cross play, [adding in-game leaderboards] was lower priority.”

Cross-play is now fully implemented in to Apex, so hopefully leaderboards have moved up in the priority list.

While some fans might be disappointed to hear that adding this system into the BR isn’t the first thing on Respawn’s to-do list, they can at least take comfort in the fact that it is being worked on at all.

This is far from the first time the Apex community has asked for this particular feature to be added to the game. As early as February 2019 (when the game was originally released) players have been asking the developer to add leaderboards into the battle royale.

The feature has remained in high demand among pro players and content creators as well. In a series of tweets from March 2021, content creator and pro player Jamison ‘PVPX’ Moore identified in-game leaderboards as one of 50 different ideas that could improve Respawn’s BR.

While the developer has yet to confirm when the feature is coming (or what it will look like), fans will be happy to know the studio is aware of the popular request and working to get it added into Apex so players can see exactly how they stack up against their opponents.

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