Apex Legends Crypto skin leaked from St Patrick’s Day event

. 2 years ago
Respawn Entertainment

Another St Patricks Day-themed Apex Legends skin has been revealed by a leaker as, this time, Crypto joins the brigade of green cosmetics.

Like plenty of other popular titles, Apex Legends has been tying into real-world events and holidays with their own in-game events and cosmetics for the celebrations. 

With St Patricks Day on the horizon, coming on March 16 to be exact, it seems as if Respawn Entertainment will be joining the party and tapping into the all green colored celebrations. A ‘Leprechaun’ skin for Mirage was revealed on 5, with that supposedly being the next Twitch Prime cosmetic, but Crypto also appears to be getting some shine.

Crypto in Apex Legends.
Crypto joined the Apex Legends roster back in Season 3.

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The skin was revealed by Apex Legends leaker iLootGames, who also showed off the new Mirage look, after he got his hands on some other recolors for different legends. 

Focusing on Crypto, though, the St Patrick’s Day themed skin is a rework of his legendary ‘The Hired Gun’ skin which pretty much resembles movie character John Wick’s black suit. 

As you can probably guess, with the leaked skin, the Surveillance Expert legend ditched the all-black suit in favor of an all-green look – though his apparent new cosmetic lacks the repeated use of Shamrocks like the earlier leaked Mirage Twitch Prime skin. 

Timestamp of 2:15 for mobile viewers

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In his video, iLootGames also showcased a recolor for Wraith and Lifeline that should be available in the future – though they didn’t exactly tie into the St Patrick’s Day theme like Crypto and Mirage.

With the skins still yet to be released by Respawn, the developers could still re-tweak the new cosmetics, though that seems unlikely as they’re already in the game files.Whether or not there will be any bigger celebrations for St Patrick’s Day – including possible event and other content – remains to be seen as well. Though, there is a Town Takeover for Bloodhound coming in the future.

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