Apex Legends Crypto buff could make him Pathfinder’s biggest threat

. 2 years ago
Apex Legends Crypto buff would make him Pathfinder's biggest threat

Crypto has been dubbed one of the weaker Legends in the Apex Games, but a buff concept surrounding his Passive and Tactical abilities could place him in contention with the likes of Wraith and Pathfinder.

After Crypto’s grand entrance back in Season Three, the Surveillance Expert has been somewhat underwhelming in the aftermath of the events that brought us to World’s Edge.

And after receiving a few minor tweaks, Crypto still remains near the bottom of the pile relative to his other Apex Games counterparts.

Crypto using abilities in Apex Legends.
Crypto can see everything through their Surveillance Drone, while giving teammates key intel.

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It is for this reason that plenty have suggested some concepts which could bolster Crypto’s chances. One Redditor suggested that Crypto could ping enemy banners to reveal their proximity relative to your team, while another user suggested that his drone could act as a means for collecting loot.

While in the grand scheme of things, these suggestions are perfectly viable, they wouldn’t give Crypto enough of an edge to tip the scales in his favor. However, one player has sparked a series of ingenious ideas that could make him a big threat in the Apex Games.

After stating that Crypto’s Passive and Tactical abilities should be merged into one (similar to how Wattson’s Perimeter Security fences work), the suggestion post was met with a flood of ideas on how to make Crypto an even great hacker.

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One user commented suggesting that Crypto “should be able to tamper with electronic devices in the game, like activating used Respawn Beacons again, or hack Survey Beacons for reconnaissance purposes.”

Given Crypto’s knack for hacking, this would play perfectly into the character’s lore while giving him a unique quirk that would make him much more versatile on the battlefield.

Moreover, others suggested that Crypto’s newfound Passive could hack enemy equipment, such as Wattson’s fences, Caustic’s Nox Traps or even Gibraltar’s Dome Shield — however, this might well just make him the most overpowered character in the game.

Pathfinder's Survey Beacon map.
Crypto would be able to hack used Survey Beacons and get intel on the next circle.

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So, providing the Surveillance Expert with a ‘Hacker’ Passive Ability that reactivates used Survey Beacons and/or Respawn Beacons could potentially turn the tide in his favor.

One thing’s for sure, with Crypto currently standing as one of the most underpowered characters in the game, Respawn could definitely do with buffing him before another Legend comes in and bumps him further down the pile.

When we asked players to pick which Legend needed a buff most, Mirage and Octane were the most popular selections, with Crypto not far behind.

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