Apex Legends buff idea for Octane would give him an explosive change

. 1 year ago
Octane over grenade in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

One Octane main has devised a simple buff for the Adrenaline Junkie, which would see him launched into the upper echelons of the Apex Legends character pool.

With Season 8 now well underway, players are figuring themselves out in the new POIs and meta. While the focus is on eccentric Aussie Fuse, other characters are always getting changes too.

One of these is Octane, the Adrenaline Junkie originally added back in Season 1. While Octane is certainly not dwindling around the bottom tiers of Apex Legends characters, it’s hard to argue he is anything more than a solid option in the game’s current meta.

As such, fans of the speedster have been considering buff options in the event Respawn look to strengthen him. One Redditor – ‘Toad_R’ – has done just that, suggesting an improvement to Octane’s jump pads that has proved immensely popular with fans.

Octane pose
Respawn Entertainment
Octane was released into Apex Legends nearly two years ago, back in March 2019.

The suggestion would give Octane players the option to rig their Launch Pad to explode when used by an enemy. However, this option would only be available to Octanes if they were also carrying a grenade, something they lose in the act of rigging the Launch Pad.

The player explains: “If rigged, you lose that grenade, but you throw a ‘rigged jump-pad’. You and your teammates can use it as normal, but if an enemy tries to use it, the Pad blows up in the process, giving the jump boost but causing damage and being destroyed afterwards.”

There was also justification given, with the player stating that, in their opinion, it fits with Octane’s character, improves the versatility of his Launch Pad, and reduces the likelihood of enemies giving chase if an Octane has attempted a speedy escape.

Octane buff idea from Reddit
Reddit: Toad_R
The buff idea, in full. It would probably be very annoying to play against though.

Unfortunately, Respawn’s Lead Game Designer on Apex, Daniel Klein, responded to ask why Octane would need a buff given his current state. After all, his jump pad was given some major changes in the Season 8 update already.

As previously mentioned, Octane is far from the best legend in the game, but he remains clear of some of its weaker options like Rampart.

It’s fair to assume that Respawn will look to buff the weakest before turning their attention to Octane.

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